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Model Kia Brazil

What is it that makes a woman beautiful? Courage, strength in her faith, grace and a love that knows no boundaries. Kia Brazil is an amputee model who champions for hope and pride in individuals who are striving to accept and love their bodies no matter what the rest of the world says.

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KISA KISA – It’s All In The Bag

Kisa Kisa is taking the fashion accessory industry by storm by making some of the most unique handbags on the market. Kisa Kisa Fashion bags were featured in ELLE Magazine, shown at Paris Fashion Week including a few television appearances which are huge accomplishments and accolades toward Kisa Kisa designs. With all of Kisa Kisa’s recent successes, BAHM Magazine wanted to reach out and share an interview with founder Kisa Williams.

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Beauty Focus – MisMack Clean Cosmetics

So, you think you know how to be truly beautiful? Real beauty goes far deeper than just lipstick and rouge. It comes from knowing within that there is virtually no reason why beauty should come at a sacrifice to animals, the planet and our health. Then making your beauty purchases make that point.

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Women On The Move

Alexis Taylor Middleton – West Coast Woman Power – In our modern times it can sometimes be easy to feel a bit lost and it can be easy to lose hope. BAHM Magazine reached out to Alexis Taylor Middleton, the founder of West Coast Woman Power to talk about empowerment and hope.

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Lady of the Rain Forest

At the break of dawn, she is the sprightly jewel that appears. Sparkling in the sun like a fresh dew drop on crisp morning leaves. Elusive, mysterious and fleeting. Lithely she dances amidst the luminescence of sunlight to the rainforest tune so lively orchestrated by the mirthful whistling of the wind.

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Songstess Seanrei

From model to indie music, Seanrei never ceases to amaze us with her work. BAHM Magazine recently sat down for a chat with Seanrei and to talk about her modeling successes and the release of her new indie single and music video, Falling.

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Femme Phénoménale – Madleina von Reding

Madleina von Reding, makeup artist and hair stylist is home in London UK and in Switzerland. Working passionately in the industry for the past 12 years, she has held many faces in her hands for over 300 advertisements (Photo, TV, Magazine,Campaignes), 80 short films & music videos and 10 feature films including Facing Mecca which won over 40 international awards and nominations including the Oscar Academy Awards.

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Trevor Lerner

From a small town in Saskatchewan to the bright lights of Hollywood North, Trevor Lerner is now one of the busiest actors in Vancouver. Over the last few years, Lerner has amassed quite a number of credits playing the big bad guy to the big teddy bear, in both film and TV. BAHM Magazine recently caught up with him and asked him a few questions about what he thought contributed to his successful budding career.

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