There is always a cost involved when shooting an editorial with a creative team’s talent and time, with respective equipment, props and accessories. Employing a shotgun approach of submitting to online magazines where the work is often not accepted is a waste of the talent’s time and resources. Talent needs more than a streak of good luck to be successful in this notoriously competitive industry.

For photographers and creative groups who plan and are determined to generate new ideas to stand out from the others, paying publications fees is the same as marketing costs. Such as running an advertisement in a magazine or running an ad campaign through Google or Facebook.

The Hollywood Walk on Fame stars cost $40,000 for the celebrity who wants to show they have arrived. BAHM Magazine can help you build a solid and published portfolio to show you have arrived and are ready to compete with the best.

Published Tear sheets are an indicator of success and professionalism and are often part of the job criteria within the creative world of fashion and advertising and their supporting industries.

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