So, you think you know how to be truly beautiful? Real beauty goes far deeper than just lipstick and rouge. It comes from knowing within that there is virtually no reason why beauty should come at a sacrifice to animals, the planet and our health. Then making your beauty purchases make that point.

Lets find out more about MisMacK Clean Cosmetics.  Mismack Clean Cosmetics

  • Who is Mismack Cosmetics? (Briefly tell us who you are, how long you’ve been in business, your background or experience related to the industry, where are you located, and where our can readers find you.)

MisMacK Clean Cosmetics is the most innovative, professional performing, award-winning, Canadian-made, clean makeup line to hit the market. We’re a small but mighty line and the master of multi-purpose products, eliminating wasteful products from your makeup bags. With MisMacK your only limitation is your imagination.

I’m an internationally acclaimed MUA with over 15 years of experience. My work has been featured in Huffington Post, Cosmo, Daily Mail just to name a few. In 2016 I fell in love with clean, Canadian-made beauty products, but could not find clean makeup that held up to my professional standards. So, I created it working directly with a female Canadian chemist out of Manitoba. I’ve designed every aspect of the brand from branding, package sourcing, package design, formulas, and now marketing, shipping/receiving from my basement in Canoe, BC or MisMacK HQ as what we like to call it.

  • Why did you decide to enter the cosmetics industry?

I have always had a fascination with makeup since the age of 3. My mom never wore it, so I was always snooping through my friend’s mom’s makeup bag and testing products on the back of my hand. I was obsessed. At the age of 14 my mom joined Mary Kay where I thought I died and gone to heaven. After that, I was known as the makeup girl who everyone turned to for makeup advice and fun applications. When I discovered I could go to school to become a makeup artist I was all over it.

I love how makeup is a tool of empowerment, designed to bring out people’s beautiful features, but I also love how it’s another form of art where the face is a 3-dimensional canvas.

  • Tell us about your Clean, Cruelty Free mission.

My mission with MisMacK is to create highly pigmented, professional performing, ethically sourced, sustainable, Canadian-made, toxic free, vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics that performs better than mainstream. We are passionate about helping consumers/makeup artists cut down on wasteful spending and learning how to use our products in multiple ways. Because let us face it, how many of us have spent a lot of money on products and then they just end up sitting in a drawer and eventually end up in the land fill? I know I’m guilty.

We are also on a mission to educate makeup artists and consumers. Not only in makeup applications but in educating what “Clean” truly means. This very trendy marketing word used a lot these days. We’re starting to see it everywhere.  Not only that, but there is a lot of confusion going on about what it truly means. So, we’ve created a roadmap to clean beauty to help our Customers/Makeup Artists learn in a clear way. We call her T.E.S.S. Transparency – Ethics, Sourcing, Sustainability, and Safety. To us, that’s the true full circle of professional clean beauty.

  • Why should customers buy your products over your competitors?

As we are Small but Might and the master of Multi-Purpose Products, Every MisMacK product can be used in several ways. For example, our AMP’D Up Mascara doubles as an amazing Gel Liner, our Foundations allow for buildable coverage and double as a concealer etc. This adds value to each product which means we are eliminating wasteful products in your makeup bag. Each product is also designed for both the Professional Makeup Artist as well as the everyday consumer. Our Formulas are designed for easy, stress free application that’s nontoxic to your body or our environment. Also when you purchase a MisMacK product you’re not only supporting us but a long stream of Local Female Canadian Entrepreneurs which support our local economy.

  • Tell us a bit about your partnership with Habitat for Humanity?

We launched an incredibly special new moisture-locking lipstick cColor in partnership with Habitat for Humanity – Okanagan. This shade was designed by my 94 year Grandma and named after her – Patty Mae. $5 from every Patty Mae sold goes to Habitat for Humanity – Okanagan. We are so proud and grateful to be able to help deserving families build forever home’s in our community.

  • What has been your biggest hurdles since launching your company?

I have never gone to school for business or entrepreneurship, nor have I ever met someone that has built a successful cosmetics company before. I learnt it all on my own. From branding design, to packaging sourcing, down to bar codes, rules, regulations, marketing, and launching. Needless to say Google and I become best friends. Being a solely-owned indie brand, I also had an amazing support group who helped me figure things out along the way, which I’m forever grateful for.

We launched GlitterEnvi first as I wanted MisMacK to be the first brand in Canada to offer an ecofriendly cosmetic glitter at a retail level. I’m so proud to say that we are the first, but as soon as we released it I quickly realized that glitter is the hardest sale. After the launched GlitterEnvi there was a big ‘now what’ that happened for me. You know the saying “If you build it they will come”? Ya – That’s a hard no, once you build it you have to figure out the ways to market it, to sell it, ship it, and get people using it.

  • What has been your biggest successes?

I was the winner of Season 5 Shuswap-Launch-A-Preneaur in March, 2019 which helped me officially launch MisMacK in May, 2019. A few month later we were invited to a gift giving event in honor of the MTV Movie Awards in Beverly Hills, and we truly stole the show.

I am also so proud to say that I was the top 5 Best Youth Entrepreneur at the 2020 Small Business Awards this year.

But, our true success has been thriving during a global pandemic. Having such an amazing response to our products and our brand landed us a win at the Global Clean Beauty Awards for Best Eye Shadow during Covid, beating out a global competitor. The Clean Beauty Awards are known all around the world for awarding the absolute best in clean beauty with judges in Europe, North America, and Australia. We hold with this title with at most honor.

  • What motivates and inspires you to keep going every day?

Our customers/clients/students/makeup artists/and my team. MisMacK is so much bigger than me. When I receive messages from customers say “Thank you for creating such an amazing clean line. I will never use anything else” or “Thank you for inspiring my young daughter and women everywhere to go after their dreams” is a humbling reminder that what I am building is making a difference in so many people’s lives. It is truly about them. Owning your own business comes with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. It’s our MisMacK tribe that inspires me everyday to “just keep swimming”.

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”

  • Where do you see the Beauty Industry going in 2021? And what changes do you wish to see on a global scale?

Clean beauty is not just a trend, it is the way of the future. We have already started to see the change within the global community. Clean is still not well understood. It requires more education. Again, referring to our T.E.S.S. (Transparency – Ethics – Sourcing – Sustainability).

I see the rise of indie beauty companies such as myself as consumers/makeup artists are genuinely thinking through their purchasing habits and voting with their dollar.

  • Are there any mentors you have had that you’d like to mention? (If so, please tell us why you consider them a mentor.)

One of my major mentors is Dany Sanz, founder/creator of Make Up For Ever. She’s a professional makeup artist from Paris who build a professional line the 80’s that’s now global. I used to work for Make Up For Ever back in the day and she truly has inspired me to build MisMacK. My saying is “Think of MisMacK like the Make Up For Ever of the Clean Beauty World”. Our stories are remarkably similar. She could not find makeup that held up to the professional world back then, so she created it working with a chemist.

My story with Make Up For Ever and Dany has had a full circle effect. My boss at Make Up For Ever – Heather Nightingale, is now our executive sales/educator. Which caught wind to Dany and now Dany has tried MisMacK and is a full supporter. She has given me direct, positive, feedback on our brand and products. Which is a real dream come true.

  • What would you like to tell those interested in trying your clean cruelty free products?

We are still the new kids on the block. So many have not heard about us nor have had the opportunity to try our products. Which is why we now offer 10 minute complimentary Zoom consultations and flawless foundation sample packs (shipping fees apply) through our website. We’re only a message away if you have any questions or would like to book a Zoom.  

My Email:
Facebook: @mismackcleancosmetics
Instagram: #mismackcosmetics

Photographer: Helena Lines @helenalines
MUA; @hnightingale1
Models: @oliviasaunderss and Hayley Whittman
Hair: @_sherri_white_
Photography assistants: Glenn Scott and @brentmatsalla