Breezy Florals

Gorgeous pink lips start with Mismack Cosmetic’s Petal Shadow lipstick with a top coat of Gaia Gloss. Bringing it in for the home run is Amp’d Up mascara & Magic Violet shadow usesd as an eye liner.

Leaping Into Natural tones

Drama Queen

To bring out your inner drama queen start with drama at the eyes. Pitch Black eye shadow is used to create an updated cat eye softened with eye shadow color Petal. A subtle touch to the lips is MisMack’s Patty Mae lip color.

Do You Flamingo?

Yes! Pink Flamingo on the cheeks Please
. On the eyes and on the lips the color Bow available at

Full Headdress

Statements shades like Mismack’s Mad Angie blended with Magic Violet make a huge impact. Top lips of with Gaia gloss. Keep the eyes clean and add a hint of Pink Flamingo blush. Voila!

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