Category: Beauty

Super Natural Beauty

An all time favorite that delivers radiant, smooth and flawless skin use Armani Beauty
Designer Lift Smoothing Firming Foundation

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Eyes Wide Open

Have fun and experiment with eye liners in new colors, shapes and designs. Beautiful skin starts with Charlotte Tilbury light Wonder foundation. All natural

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Breezy Florals

Gorgeous pink lips start with Mismack Cosmetic’s Petal Shadow lipstick with a top coat of Gaia Gloss. Bringing it in for the home run is Amp’d Up mascara & Magic Violet shadow usesd as an eye liner.

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Call Me Iris

Nadia Benaisa launched perfume line, Les Soeurs de Noé, has taken the world by storm. Inspired by Nadia’s children, the new perfume line represents the indefectible bond between the diverse cultures and rich history of the Orient and the West.

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Beauty in New York

This beautiful makeup was done by artist Francie. We always love to get the details of how professional makeup artists make the magic and here Francie divulges all!

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Botanical Bliss

The secret to creating one of the world’s most amazing, award winning creams that can be worn on the most sensitive and delicate skin? Knowledge and complete control of every ingredient.

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