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Say Yes to Bold

We dare you to find a more sleek and sparkling body suit that this one by Vero Moda. Ultra stretch and comfort with all the shine to make a bold statement. Padded shoulder adds a modern to futuristic look and the thigh high boots – well we just went ahead and made it very interesting for every fashionista who loves her boots. Sequin beret by Zara.

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Glamour on the Rocks

If you are looking for the unexpected, match up this hipster hugger skirt adorned with beaded tassels and silk flowers with the cutest matching bikini top for a sweet twist on floral beachwear.

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Setting the Tone

With new fabrics allowing for dance garments to be transformed into more artistic, and less traditional pieces we are seeing more and more dance fashions emerging into mainstream fashion.

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Autumn Hues

Sunrise and sunset colors make you a standout in this dressy beach frock. Made from chiffon you will be the center of attention when the sun comes up or when it goes down.

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Designer Kyle Denman

FROM NYFW TO VFW 2021 International Fashion Designer of the Year Kyle Denman’s jaw dropping designs tell beautiful stories and prove “when you’ve got it – you’ve got it” This is a brilliant collection from this super talented fashion designer.

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Alex S Yu

Rarely a collection comes to fruition that reveals to oneself, at first glimpse of its heavenly...

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