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Our favorite Fall Perfume Pick is the fabulous 720 made by Maison Sybarite in France by Master Perfumers Antoine Lie and Laure Santantoni.

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In a world where challenges can easily become roadblocks, there are individuals like Igleidson Fábio who defy the odds and inspire us with their determination.

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Breezy Florals

Gorgeous pink lips start with Mismack Cosmetic’s Petal Shadow lipstick with a top coat of Gaia Gloss. Bringing it in for the home run is Amp’d Up mascara & Magic Violet shadow usesd as an eye liner.

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Call Me Iris

Nadia Benaisa launched perfume line, Les Soeurs de Noé, has taken the world by storm. Inspired by Nadia’s children, the new perfume line represents the indefectible bond between the diverse cultures and rich history of the Orient and the West.

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Beauty Fashion Fragrance BFF

…okay, let me spill the tea — I dabbled in THoO awhile back, initially smelling Blessing Silence, but it was not quite a blessing nor very silent. This initial experience left me with the wrong impression, and I inaccurately assumed the THoO was no more than a house of cards. Somewhat shallow with beautiful and elaborately crafted bottles, that were more focused on the outlandish aesthetics, rather than a translatable olfactory experience — I was wrong!

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