Ay Lelum (The Good House of Design)

Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast has some of the world’s most spectacular lush rainforest landscapes flowing with pure, crystal clear water. Awe inspiring pristine snow topped mountains and unexplored shorelines captivate the imagination.

It is in this place under the moon, sun and in the tidal mist that the ocean and the rivers unite to become one. A rhythmic dance, a sharing of gifts from the ocean deep and the mountains where the rivers play. Gifts that nourish the body and soul of the Indigenous peoples and of the sacred animals who have lived in these lands for thousands of years.

Snuneymuxw First Nation fashion designers and artists Ay Lelum (The Good House of Design) take their inspiration from this land, family tradition, oral history and the sacred animals to celebrate the Raven P’uq Spa:l and the Grizzly Bear K’wuyucun in their latest collections. BAHM magazine shares with you the beauty and the mystery of a Vancouver Island Indigenous family’s inspirational, sacred oral history as honored through the family’s artistry and fashion design.

Satin Grizzly Bear Dress & Grizzly Bear Coat are part of the Cost Salish Couture Ensemble, From K’uwuycun – Grizzly Bear Collection. Limited Edition by custom order, available in silver with black and faux fur accent. Artwork by William Good.

“This art form reflects the harmony in nature of the physical and the spiritual.” – Sandra Good


“It was an amazing experience singing and recording our Dad’s Grizzly Bear song, the song that inspired our entire collection. The K’wuyucun Collection embraces this cultural knowledge and shares it in a visual platform through our Dad and Brother’s Traditional Coast Salish art on contemporary fashions we design”. – Aunalee Boyd designer Ay Lelum-The Good House of Design

Wool Bear & Salmon Cape are part of the K’wuyucun – Grizzly Bear Collection. Beautifully made on Vancouver Island from a Coast Salish wool blend.

Black and white chiffon Raven Dress. Artwork by Joel Good.

P’uq’ Spa:l

“The White Raven – P’UQ’ SPA:L Collection is inspired by the Sacred White Raven who stole the Sun, who is a shapeshifter and is also known as a trickster, represented in the various colors in the collection”. – Sophia Seward-Good.

Dougal the blind raven is a rescue that is cared for by the wonderful people at the (not for profit) North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre. Nestled on the east coast of Vancouver Island, the wildlife recovery and discovery centre offers a peaceful, rustic atmosphere where you can visit their world-class wildlife rehabilitation facility specializing in raptors and black bear. Find our more at www.niwra.org or www.facebook.com/wildliferecoverycentre

Black and white Raven dress with matching shawl. Artwork by Joel Good.

The Painting dress. This dress is part of the K’wuyucun – Grizzly Bear Collection. It celebrates and embodies four generations of artists, each trained by family and inspired by culture and legends.

Bear Clan Skirt. Faux fur shawl with satin bear artwork lining from the K’uwuycun – Grizzly Bear Collection. Limited edition. Made in B.C. from hemp and recycled fleece. Artwork by William Good.

Satin Grizzly Gown, part of K’uwuycun – Grizzly Bear Collection. Limited Edition by custom order, available in lime green, also available in teal or champagne with black. Artwork by William Good.

Chiffon Raven Dress. Available in blue with turquoise. Artwork by Joel Good. Made on Vancouver Island. Shop at Aylelum.com, or follow them on Facebook.com/AyLelum/ and Instagram.com/ay_lelum/.

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©W. Good/Ay Lelum

Photography www.helenalines.com.