Indigenous Inspiration

The artists and designers at Ay Lelum are passionate about documenting and passing on Coast Salish Traditions using their own artistic canvas with art forms taught by their father as well as using eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing.

Grizzly Skirt. Gray and black satin high waist with Grizzly Bear motif. Artwork by William Good.

Wool Bear and Salmon Hooded Cape (short), part of K’uwuycun – Grizzly Bear Collection. Made in B.C. from a wool/poly blend. Artwork by Joel Good.

Chiffon Raven Dress. From the White Raven – P’UQ’ SPA:L Collection. Available in blue with turquoise. Artwork by Joel Good. Made on Vancouver Island.

Column Satin Grizzly Bear Dress. Floor length Limited Edition by custom order. Available in champagne, also available in teal or lime green with black. Faux fur shawl with satin bear artwork lining. From the K’uwuycun – Grizzly Bear Collection. Artwork by William Good.

Raven Who Stole the Sun Dress and Cape, is a Limited Edition Coast Salish Couture garment. Available in sunset/navy color or black/white. Artwork by Joel Good. Beautifully made on Vancouver Island.

Sacred Raven

“The White Raven~P’UQ’ SPA:L Collection is inspired by the Sacred White Raven who stole the Sun, who is a shape shifter and is also known as a trickster, represented in the various colors in the collection”. Sophia Seward-Good.

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