Spring is the time of year that we celebrate life. Warmer temperatures entice us outside where joy awaits us. The sun shines brighter awakening us to the banquet laid out before us inspiring creative thought and wellbeing. There is an influx of our avian friends whose songs lighten our hearts and winter burdens. And more than just our feathered friends to invite a smile, there are more baby animals.

Presenting a rebirth of fauna and flora, spring present flowers almost by magic. From whence they came at times we know not. Their presence does not go unnoticed. It is in the multitude of flower’s, shapes and their dazzling display of textures that our minds soar to the heavens on a cloud of creative fantasies and romance. References are seen of this daily in the garments we wear – from floral patterns in nature’s beautifully orchestrated colors. In the textures of fabrics such as bamboo, linen, hemp and cotton. In nature exists, everything needed to live, love and indeed thrive.

In this issue BAHM teams worldwide celebrate the beauty of spring in all its glorious colors. Our beauty issue features international makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers who celebrate with us all the glory and beauty that is spring.

NY Fashion Designer Sonja Morgan debuted her international fashion lifestyle brand Sonja Morgan New York, a signature collection of luxury clothing, jewelry, and swimwear at New York Fashion Week.

“I believe in luxury that is wearable. I love being able to throw a dress and a few outfits in a suitcase and look put together without the worry.”

Sonja Morgan

NY is one of the most beautiful exciting cities in the world. Parks in New York City are absolutely gorgeous during spring. Don’t miss the cherry blossom throughout the city. One of our favorite places is Central Park.

But what we really love are the talented photographers, designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and wardrobe stylists. Every season, there is something exciting blossoming in NY, the heart of the beauty and fashion world.

NY Fashion Photographer @dianeallford www.dianeallford.com
Designer Sonja By Sonja Morgan
Model Nefatari Cooper @nefatariofficial
Stylist: Aminata K @aminataschocolatekiss
Celebrity MUA: Lanier Long @lanierlong
Hair: Natasha Thomas the Hairstylist: @tashaaa_mac