German couture designer Pia Bolte’s unique creations burned the runways of New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week and major cities in between. Her creativity is fabulously unique and a design from her is a must have in every fashionista’s wardrobe.

Rock Star Bright Bold Fresh and Exciting Pieces of Art

Pia Bolte is an exceptional fashion designer you are not likely to forget. Her designs are unexpected and sometimes jarring. At first glance her assembled patterns, textures and materials would appear to most people to be at odds or somehow off base. Although some might venture to say that fashion is just not done that way,

Pia’s intuition and “outside the box designs” are pure magic and exactly what the fashion world needs. Handmade designs are pieces of art. Pia Bolte’s new silhouettes and fabric choices are defiantly bright, bold, fresh and exciting. Pia Bolte is in her own world as far as the design world is concerned and we all want to be there with her.

The designer creates with the intention that each person who owns one of her designs feels the jacket is as unique as they are. This is the brand for celebrities, fashionistas and rock stars around the world.

New York City Rock Star themed in Battery Park, New York
Photographer Diane Allford
Designer Pia Bolte Germany Spring 2020 Collection
Pia Bolte: Website:

Hair & MUA: Odilis Trinidad: @odilis.trinidad
Hair & MUA: Teofany Manus: @teofany.manus
MUA: Annette Bragas: @annettebragasmua
Model Adoni Wright
Model: Fan Banks: @fanbanks
Model: Mister David Hand: @misterdavidhand
Samayah Jaramillo: @samayahjaramillo Ragan Leigh @ragan.leigh_modeling
Model: Miyauk: @miyauk

2020 Dress Gun €1.689
2020 Jacket Dope €3.879
Jacket Black Lady €3249