Meet the Designers Who Inspire Hope, Power, and Strength for ALL Women

It’s extremely rare to see fashion collections that celebrate ALL women, inclusive of all races, sizes and ages. It’s even rarer to see designs that tell a story. A story of hope, power, and strength that we all can use at times of darkness. Then, spin it all through the whorls of time blending the stories of creation, history and information within every stitch.

Meet sisters Aunalee and Sophia from Ay Lelum – The Good House of Design. Together, they have recently released their fall and winter 2020, Eagle Spindle Whorl collection. This collection captures the essence of indigenous Coast Salish art, featuring traditional Coast Salish artwork by their Father, William Good and Brother Joel Good of the Snuneymuxw First Nation.

Water is the sustenance of life and even makes up the majority of the human body. Without it, we cannot sustain life. But with it, we can use its cleansing and healing powers to survive and thrive. Water can even enhance our lives, as every single drop of rain refreshes, cleanses, and renews the Earth and those of us who walk upon it.

Ay Lelum’s theme, Women as Watercarriers, celebrates ALL women behind the Spindle Whorl, as universal mothers, life-givers, watercarriers, and weavers of life. In our modern times, inclusivity has never been more important and this collection includes all body types for all women.

This collection conveys a feeling of freedom as women accept, love and respect themselves and each other, not in spite of, but because of their differences and the innate individual beauty of each other. It has been created by utilizing all eco-friendly fabrics respecting Mother Earth and all water carriers is part of the beauty of this collection.

The Eagle Spindle Whorl collection was inspired from the teachings of their Father, William Good.

“When the world was in darkness, the Creator answered the peoples’ prayers and sent the Supernatural Eagle to bring the sunlight to the people. The collection chronicles this journey as the Supernatural Eagle travels the galaxy and brings the sunlight to the world, ultimately bringing us hope.”

The Supernatural Eagle also includes killer whale and serpent designs, which both signify water figures that bring us power and strength. These stories are told on Spindle Whorls which were tools traditionally used by women to spin and weave sacred Coast Salish wool into textiles. These designs reach-back to the traditions of yesterday while allowing the wearer to embrace them again today.

“As we spin through the whorls of time, we are weaving stories of creation, history, and information. This collection celebrates women spinning and weaving in time and the symbols bring hope in a time of darkness in a collection designed as wearable, sharable art for all people to enjoy.”

Ay Lelum’s collection features brightly colored eco-friendly fabrics such as TENCEL™ modal, bamboo, and various recycled materials such as fleece and mesh. Couture consists of deep iridescent colors of organza, taffeta and wool blends. The large ready-wear collection consists of dresses, ponchos, tops and jackets, and is now available to everyone online at Follow Ay Lelum on Facebook or @aylelum on Instagram.