Be always game for new adventures, not allowing the setting of limitations that get in your way.

Calvin Klein setting the mood for adventure

Calvin Klein blouse. Opposite page Calving Klein blouse and Molly Bracken shorts. Boots by Hunter.

We love Fashion Adventure for every occasion. For those with an eye for chic, whether you embark on a weekend getaway or go for a global experience, let it be boots in the mountains or sandals in the sand.

CALVIN KLEIN captures fashion trends that represent the Adventurer’s lifestyle. The mindset that it is not a trip taken to reach a particular destination but taken for the joy of the adventure.

Dress by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein One All Day Perfection Lipcolor in Blush

Adventure is a state of mind, am open minded yearning to try something new. Now is the time to leave your comfort zone. Let your curiosity and enthusiasm lead you to seek out new and exciting locations and peace of mind. Sometimes adventure is where you least expect it.