NYFW & Celebrity Stylist, Author & On-air Personality

BAHM: What led you to the fashion and beauty industry?
BL: I was brought and taught fashion by my mom who always shopped every week and tagged me along to stores, boutiques, and flea markets to shop unique pieces that no one else had.
Still to this day, when I go home to see my mom we take trips to stores. It was just instilled in me to always look my best because first impressions matter, but also you have to feel good to look good. My dad used to take me to barbershop every single Friday or Saturday and I still do this today. I’ll spend my last dollar on a haircut or clothes.

BAHM: Who or what was your inspiration to push forward and succeed as a stylist?
BL: At the time, many fashion influencers used to give me inspo but my first stylist that pushed me was J. Bolin @stylistjbolin. Still to this day, I see myself in him, in so many ways and want to work with him one-day soon. I love his attention to detail and his hunger for never going back to where he came from.
Another stylist is Harrison Crite @iamhdiddy. Since I’ve followed him a few years ago, we have many friends in common and I’ve only met him once, but it seems as though I know him. He also is one who started from the South and now styles all the stars. Outside of that I’ve seen his growth and see his passion for creating style moments for his clients and seeing their confidence beam. I see How he has many hats creatively but still hones into his gift of fashion.

BAHM: How did the on-air appearances begin?
BL: On-air began with a want to start in fashion and making a name for myself. I don’t have a media background, nor did I go to school for it, but I knew I could ask good questions and I was never afraid of a challenge. One day I researched blogs and then became the writer for a popular platform, which I interviewed so many celebrities and influencers and attended so many red carpeted shows including BET Awards, Urban One Honors, Black Girls Rock, BeautyCon and much more.

BAHM: You recently went to Paris for Fashion Week. Can you tell us a bit about how it went?
BL: Paris is always an amazing time. Each time I learn more about myself and challenge myself to push myself to get to know more people. This year, I met more fashion industry people and The who’s-who in fashion. I felt an urge to travel here more for business and not just for fashion week.

BAHM: What was the toughest part for you when you set your sites on your new goals?
Keeping up with the steps to reach my goals have been the hardest, because I feel I’m constantly changing and some goals need some working on to reach other goals.

BAHM: What inspires you artistically?
BL: Being at a peace of mind and allowing myself to be human and open the box of imagination. Also, not holding back creatively and taking chances.

BAHM: What are your biggest and most memorable successes?
BL: Biggest has to be styling and being the Lead Wardrobe stylist for F/W 2022 New York Fashion Week Dur Doux Runway show. I never thought I’d have the opportunity so soon, but always had dreams and aspirations to do it. When it happened, I was nervous but it felt so natural leading a team.

BAHM: What are we looking forward to seeing from you over the next year?
BL: Definitely more clients that are known world wide, more via ability, and being on air more on TV this year.

BAHM: If you were to summarize the current world of beauty and fashion into one sentence, what would that sentence be?
BL: Never give up on what you want to do in life, even if you have to keep your day job to build your dreams.

BAHM: Where can readers and future customers find you?
BL: Social media platforms @mrbrianlamont and my website at www.mrbrianlamont.com.