With new fabrics allowing for dance garments to be transformed into more artistic, and less traditional pieces we are seeing more and more dance fashions emerging into mainstream fashion. A big influence on dance and street fashion are pop stars garments worn on stage and in music videos. Some of which are designed by big fashion houses. This trend has created many new and emerging designers who are having a big influence on fashion world wide.


Dance fashion has transformed a lot throughout history and today, non dancers and dancers are not limited to one specific style fabric or texture. From a traditional look, to modern or retro vibes, fashion of today and yesterday can inspire us to make our best fashion choice. Dancewear on this page available at @fitzavenanaimo. Boots by Salvatore Ferragamo.


Dancewear on this and the opposite page is available at @fitzavenanaimo. Michael Antonio Tropical Bloom shoes. Boots by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Dancewear on this and the opposite page are available at @fitzavenanaimo. Boots by Salvatore Ferragamo
Mua @beauty.by.beggs
Hair @sherri_white
Retouch @kiwi_retouch

Dancewear crossing over into street wear and we love it! Clamshell top @culturecraze Skirt and bottoms by @fitzavenanaimo Boots by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Again dancewear crossing over into fashion. Bring it on Saturday night fever! Clamshell top @culturecraze Skirt by @fitzavenanaimo Shoes by Aldo.