Jump is an attitude really, rather than a movement. It really has been around for centuries in the form of movement, dance and even in business. Business Jump Movement method offers everyone within a group or organization an easy way to formulate and take steps towards a common goal. A double attitude jump is really a regular leap except both your legs are bent. You can either chasse or you can Assemblé or basically land on both feet. Not exactly a leap of faith which is more like a spread eagle leap with no care or thought of how you land.

An Altitude adjustment is simply adjusting to high altitudes of 5000 feet above sea level or more is all about acclimatization. Because there is less oxygen the higher you are your heart pumps harder and you breathing rate increases. Kind of like when you meet a member of the opposite sex and then for sure you know you need an attitude adjustment or at least to be on your best behavior so you don’t sweat it. Jump to it, jumping jelly beans, just jump and have a leap of faith that the altitude and the attitude is really just what it is.

Parkour Play and hanging 10 in DC men’s skate shoes. Allsaints black denim jeans and cotton long sleeved crew T-shirt. Linen shirt by Banana Republic and hat from Nikiyising.

Altitude adjustment silk dress from Banana Republic. Fishnet top, Adidas green shoes from Aldo.