This issue is packed with the most beautiful perfumes that have become our obsessions. Niche fragrances from all over the world by Master Perfumers that are behind some of the biggest names in fashion and fragrance. Perfumers with conscience who care about clean products and sustainability.




Perfume is a woman’s personal trademark. She wears her favorite unique fragrances and it is often her hidden identity. Perfume can be empowering and can also be mysterious evoking feelings of love, energy, happiness, sensuality and peace.

…as we all transition to warmer, brighter and longer days we too need a good transitional fragrance to lead the way. A fragrance that can withstand a little heat but also provide a sensual warmth for the crisp spring evenings. A statement that is equally demure, refined, and marries the facets from winter and summer.

NAKHT by Thauy checks all those boxes! Thauy is a new niche fragrance house and NAKHT is the newest release from their Resilience collection. The collection encompasses 4 equally beautiful, unique and timeless fragrances. Albeit it new, the collection is composed by Master Perfumer, Daniel Josier and two tenacious sisters with a vision of strength, healing and empowerment. The masterful blending and collaborative approach is nothing short of sophisticated, alluring and versatile.

NAKHT is a warm, spicy and slightly gourmandish tobacco forward fragrance that is strong yet gentle, perfectly straddling facets of masculinity and femininity. Its opening soars off the skin with a sharp ginger and cinnamon accord, while it’s base is strongly grounded by the sweetness of the tobacco leaf. It’s presentation is beautifully reinforced by notes of vanilla, cognac and cocoa which add a boozy gourmand flair.

Now that it’s abundantly clear NAKHT is a transitional fragrant staple, the brand has extended me a 10% discount to share with all of you!

The newly released scent as well as all of Daniel Josier’s work is available in the United States and Canada at (for 10% off your entire order use code: EAUDESCENT10), and for all of Europe, the United Kingdom and Middle East at (for 10% off your entire order use code: EAUDESCE) Enjoy a little discount while smelling fantastic this season!”

Les Soeurs de Noe is a perfume line recently launched by Nadia Benaisa.

Nomad Soul the newest scent from Les Soeurs de Noe’s divine collection of perfumes. Creators Jérôme Epinette and Pierre Wulff have blended a provocative and unforgettable fantasy in a bottle. Opening act, Cardamom and Bergamot tantalize and delight our olfactory senses. Just as we find ourselves elevating toward heaven, ever so gently, like the sweet kiss of a rose upon a lover’s lips, Grasse Rose and Mate emerge in a hypnotic dance. Gently, ever so like a whispered melody, it’s lilt into Cashmere Wood, Oud and Ambroxan intoxicates our senses, taking our thoughts to places they have never been; to azure shores that seem so distant and to golden destinations never before traveled, now, never to be forgotten.