In its modern or historic form, black eyeliner is here to stay. It has been with us since ancient Egyptian times. Women all over the world had adorned their eyes with black made from kohl, charcoal or elderberry. During Egyptomania which followed after the discovery of Nefertiti’s bust in 1912, fashion and beauty took a bolder turn for the beautiful. Today we still love a dark mysterious eye liner whether it be thin and sophisticated, thick and smoky or smudged. Eyeliner is used to highlight our most expressive features: the eyes.

Leatherette cross dress by Shoes Aldo
Jewelry @SPricharde

Patent Shorts Saints & Hearts
Long Black Sweater by Dark in Love
Crop top Red Night Gothic
Boots Aldo

Model @reba1baglo
Hair Kevin @noblecommonhairco
styling @toricanzzo2 and @jasmin.naylor.50
Wardrobe available at @culturecrazeofficial