Since the beginning of time humans have gazed optimistically into the stars wondering what secrets are hidden in the vast beyond. Space travel has influenced fashion since the 1950’s.

Today space exploration is influencing fashion with high shine, high-tech metallics. Virtual reality today sees new scientific advancements in aeronautics by NASA and private groups such as Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and Blue Origins in a race to space.

Virgin Galactic recently announced tourists can now book tickets to travel into space, NASA has successfully landed on Mars and according to National Geographic, the first starship will soon go to our nearest star Proxima Centauri.

Physicists are already dreaming about the post-chemical rocket era when we may use antimatter or fusion power to travel at 50% the speed of light.

We live in extraordinary times and will experience extraordinary things. Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson says. “The demand for space travel, whether it is satellites, putting people into space, is enormous…So, exciting times ahead.”

As we enter the “fourth wave of science” how will this cosmic craze affect fashion? Current technology in advanced woven metal fabrics for use in space will influence textiles and designs. Therefore, expect to see soft 3 and 4-D printed fabrics in organic and non-linear shapes with essential functions such as reflectivity, printability (hologram and embossed designs), textures for passive heat management and tensile strength. Perfect for a flight into space or to shine with cyber bling on planet earth. Buckle up and enjoy a fashion experience of the interstellar kind.