As 2020 is quickly approaching us, and with the turn of a new decade, the predictions of what we have in store ahead of us flood in from every direction. Here at BAHM we looked at some of this next decade’s predictions and made some ourselves.  

New in Technology

Human progression has come a long way in the last 100 years, and since the personal computer, Internet, and smartphones, progression have never moved faster. We now carry around more computing power in our pockets than they used to launch a rocket to the moon in the 60’s. Here is what to look for in technology.

We’ve just witnessed private corporations become more successful in space technology as they shuttle crew and supplies back and forth from the International Space Station. In the new decade, we’ll see the first commercial space travel go into the mainstream with companies such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, and even some airline manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus will be joining the space race.

Japan and China will begin to build bases on the moon and commence mining operations. However, space mining won’t only happen on the moon, but also on asteroids as they fly through our solar system.

Back on Earth, China will build a high-speed rail system connecting London with Beijing. On the highways, we’ll see more self-driving cars and trucks than ever before. Above the highways, flying cars….FINALLY! After being talked about for nearly a century, flying cars will finally arrive for sale to the public. Don’t worry about the price of gasoline too much, as biofuels will become cost-competitive with fossil fuels.

Artificial Intelligence will become so well coded that AI will become more and more realistic. A $1,000 computer will have the power of the human brain by simulating synthetic human brain functions. Universal language barriers will also be broken as translation in real-time will become commonplace, courtesy of your smart phone, with new ultra-thin OLED screen.

In household technology, look for more smart homes and devices. Not only will we be controlling them via our phones, but with the microchips implanted in our brains.

New in Entertainment

With devices getting faster and faster, along with the speed of Internet connections, more and more people will be streaming their entertainment into their living rooms. The new decade will see the continuation and creating of some new trilogies, but the new trend seems to be remaking and modernizing some of the old classic movies and TV shows of the past.

Some of the old classics to look for in 2020 are: Call of the Wild, Wonder Woman 1984, Top Gun: Maverick, Bill & Ted Face the Music, West Side Story, Coming to America, and Fantasy Island. A few of the trilogies continuing next year will be: Bond 25, Ghostbusters 3, and of course… Fast and Furious #9.

New in Fashion

The biggest trend in the new decade will be garments and accessories made from recycled ocean plastic. Revenue from these items will be invested back into more ocean cleanup. Fabrics will become more natural and organic as buyers become more conscious of the environmental issues brought on by the dyes used in manufacturing. But let’s face it, predictions for a decade of fashion would fill our pages and then some, so we’re sticking with spring and summer of 2020.

In 2020, look for textured linen, crisp cotton, crafted crochets, and ultra-fine knits, along with fragile sheers, matte silks, and even natural straws will adorn your wardrobe. Trends in colors will see more pastel and natural colors and prints such as: checks, lines, and calming flora will make every sun worshipped happy. Colors will tilt to brown and beige from greys and blacks.

Designs will combine ancient antiquities with modern minimalism in contrast between technology and prehistoric life. Silhouettes bow down to architectural principles and inspire designs to have sheer layers with laser cuts that feature pin-tucks, gatherings, drapes, knots, and wide-leg cuts and winged sleeves. Materials and fabrics will also take on a futuristic approach with new gel-like spongy materials.

Other trends we’ll see in 2020, the utility pants….AKA cargo pants. Yes, here they come again in beige, black and camo colors and earth tones. Staying on the theme of minimalism, thin strapped “floss heels” and sandals will be the next shoe trend in fashion to launch into the new decade.

New in Health

Everybody gets more health conscious as technology lends itself to implanted sensors and computers, which are able to monitor and aid people with some of their health challenges. All these devices will be controlled and monitored via your phone.

As we begin to phase out fossil fuels, more people will drop the luxury of their cars and take a healthier approach to everyday travel, namely through electrically assisted vehicles like bicycles and tricycles, to get them to and from work.

Overall, people will be healthier due to knowledge of GMO and organic foods. But, if you need to see a doctor, check your phone apps first, and if you still need a doctor you’ll connect via video call with your family physician or specialist.

Yoga will continue to trend and keep the world somewhat….sane? Others may find their sanity and mental health improve using legal cannabis and even micro-dosing legal psilocybin mushrooms and MDA. A sharp increase in cannabis usage will be due to a widening awareness and how the plant relates to human health. People will become more comfortable consuming cannabis products from the cannabis flowers, to salves, creams, oils, concentrates, and edibles.

New in Food and Drink

Matching with trends in health, people will look for more organic ingredients than ever before, but they won’t be coming from the supermarket, produce and meats will come from more local organic farms. This will not only be true for home meals, but you will find these healthier alternatives in your local restaurants too.

The past decade saw a rise in the craft beer trend which is still on the rise. However, the new trend this next decade will be locally distilled craft liquor. Yes, locally produced whiskeys, bourbons, brandies, and all other kinds of alcohols made with local ingredients and infused and enhanced with natural flavours.

With this shift in trends to craft distilleries, more traditional brands from the major distilleries will focus on infusing their products with both THC and CBDs from cannabis, depending if you want to party like a rock star or turn that cocktail into a health drink.

Whatever trends 2020 and the new decade bring, we will be assured one thing…this is going to be interesting.