Les Soeurs de Noé

Nadia Benaisa recently launched her perfume line, Les Soeurs de Noé, and it’s set to take the world by storm. Inspired by Nadia’s children, the new perfume line represents the indefectible bond between the diverse cultures and rich history of the Orient and the West.

Nadia’s childhood was divided between Belgium and visiting her grandfather in Morocco. She easily recalls the aroma of white coffee and jasmine wafting through the air, the sunshine and the light, and the intense colors in her grandfather’s garden in Tangiers. These memories and emotions of her childhood have accompanied Nadia throughout her life and are being shared with the world through Les Soeurs de Noé.

Les Soeurs de Noé will always remain true to Nadia’s fundamental values: authenticity, respect, candor, and generosity. The perfume harbors a deep respect for the fundamental authentic ingredients and the respect for the people responsible for their production. Each of Les Soeurs de Noe perfumes is committed to the unconditional attention to the people involved and the respect for the environment.

“The magic and the emotions that emanate from Les Soeurs de Noe empathize the superb skills of the various actors in the creation of these perfumes.”

– Nadia Benaisa

To ensure core fundamentals are followed, Les Soeurs de Noé has established a partnership with Robertet, a family owned business which guarantees remarkable transparency and traceability of its supplies of fundamental ingredients and offers particular support to the people who cultivate them.

Each fragrance of Les Soeurs de Noé includes the noble ingredients assembled by the two great master perfumers of New York, Jerome Epinette and Pierre Wulff, prove that creativity and respect for the planet are connected. Pierre Wulff and Jerome Epinette have both created some of the most iconic fragrances of our time. Each perfumed story of Les Soeurs de Noé, spectacularly renders the mystery of an instant, an olfactive translation of a precise emotion, which becomes mysteriously unique upon contact with the skin of the wearer.

By creating Les Soeurs de Noe, Nadia combined different generations, complimentary energies, various personalities and multiple skills. The Logo, designed by Thierry Fétiveau, expresses the numerous threads that weave the philosophy of this new perfume line. It conjures the bond between the Orient and the West, between memories and impressions, between the ingredients which compose each perfume, between all those who have made its creation possible, contributing their best to Les Soeurs de Noe.

The sensitive softness and generosity that Nadia wishes to bestow to the Les Soeurs de Noé line are rendered in the roundness of the bottle, designed by renowned Parisian designer Pierre Dinand. Pierre Dinand has designed many of the world’s most famous perfume bottles dating back to the late 1950’s.

The colors were inspired by a selection of jewelry which Pierre Dinand proposed to a Great Couturier in 1977. The blue pearl that adorns the top immediately reminded Nadia of the horizon line of Morocco and the azure sky of Tangiers and the indigo of the famous Villa Majorelle in Marrakech. The blue playing in contrast to the violet of the interior box is a symbol of spirituality and inner life, creating a harmony of lovely serenity and a strong identity to the design.

Beautifully crafted bottles of smooth beveled glass that are cool against our skin. Fragrance that takes us deep within to memories lost, then found. These three perfumes are exquisite beyond words and must be experienced. They have inspired us to create the imagery in the flowing pages in this Les Revues de Parfumerie.

Amazing Jade; Nadine Benaisa describes Amazing Jade as an “Olfactory evocation of the Silk Route, heiress of the Jade Route, symbol of overture and rich diversity, this perfume evokes an exciting voyage in the heart of the caravans carrying rare commodities” Indeed we were transported and inspired. Our minds took the voyage of one, Princess Wencheng of China. Bequeathed to King Gampo of Tibet to bring peace to the area, she traveled the Silk Road taking with her Chinese art, silk, carved Jade (which would later inspire Tibetan art) and she is credited with introducing Buddhism to the Tibetan people.

Oud Rose; “Truly a connecting link between the Orient and the West, it invites us to the convergence of two shores, recalling the meeting of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra”. Nadine Benaisa. Like a precious gem, this seductive fragrance is perfection on every multi-faceted note. Gently under its spell, Oud Rose transports our senses to exotic and mysterious places.

Mitsio Vanilla “There are those islands, like secret gardens, that one would only believe exist in dreams.” Nadia Benaisa. The delicate fragrance of Mitsio Vanilla carries you to the secret garden that is the knowing within yourself.

For more information on the complete line of fragrances from Les Soeurs de Noé, visit www.lessoeursdenoe.com. Also available at Liberty London.


Le parfum délicat de Mitsio Vanilla vous emmène dans le jardin secret qui est le savoir en vous. The delicate fragrance of Mitsio Vanilla carries you into the secret garden that is the knowing within yourself.


Cette composition olfactive en transporte une sur un voyage passionnant du coeur. Une chanson pour les héroïnes méconnues qui ont parcouru la route de la soie et la route de Jade. Amazing Jade est un hommage chaleureux et épicé à l’héroïne en nous. This olfactory composition transports one on an exciting voyage of the heart. A song for the unsung heroines who traveled the Silk Road and the Jade Route. Amazing Jade is a warm and spicy homage to the heroine within us.


Comme un précieux bijou, ce parfum séduisant est la perfection sur chaque note aux multiples facettes. Doucement sous son sort, Oud Rose transporte nos sens vers des endroits exotiques et mystérieux. Like a precious gem, this seductive fragrance is perfection on every multi-faceted note. Gently under its spell, Oud Rose transports our senses to exotic and mysterious places.