Madleina von Reding, makeup artist and hair stylist is home in London UK and in Switzerland. Working passionately in the industry for the past 12 years, she has held many faces in her hands for over 300 advertisements (Photo, TV, Magazine, Campaignes), 80 short films & music videos and 10 feature films including Facing Mecca which won over 40 international awards and nominations including the Oscar Academy Awards.

“On an advertising job in Scotland, I was doing makeup in a beautiful glass house while dolphins were swimming past us.”

A nationally recognized makeup artist for movie special effects at the IMC (International Makeup Cooperations) Germany, Madleina earned a diploma at the make-up artist school (AOM) in Zurich, completed the Foundation Course in Art and Design at the Design School in Lucerne and took a MASTERCLASS with Makeup Artist Yasmin Heinz. On sets worldwide she has worked with many celebrities and photographers for clients such as Vogue, Dyson, Adidas,I, Mammut, Mercedes Benz and Victorinox to name a few.

“Beauty and strength come from within.”

Although only minutes after the full day photo session for this beauty editorial, Madleina’s unflagging energy was full tilt as she answered questions for those of us that “need to know“ more about her exciting life, art and inspiration.

“Charisma is an important factor.”

You’ve been involved in beauty and fashion, film, editorials, special effects, and more. What industry do you prefer working in or what hat do you prefer wearing and why?

I love the variety, the adventure. Every day is new and every job is individual and presents me with new challenges. I also get to know a lot of exciting stories, places and, above all, people. In the film, I can develop entire characters. For Beauty I get enough time to create something really perfect or extraordinary. In advertising, I can get involved in short projects with great crews, from natural to completely over the top.

What is the main difference between advertising makeup and editorial makeup?

Most advertisements are big teams and everything has to be super efficent. Mostly they show everyday people. Sometimes Celebs. Depending on the story, these then have to look beautiful, or sick, young or old depending on who, but mostly you work with natural, realistic looks and everything has to be done quickly.

For editorials, the team is smaller and closely linked. Everyone gets the time they need to create something that is optimal. I can try everything, be creative,be brave, be perfectionist and hopefully get a message across.

Your success has allowed you to meet many interesting, inspirational people and celebrities. Name some of your favourite clients and tell us why they are special to you.

I counted how many faces I had in my hands and there must have been over 3,000. I see people as people and always try to give everything with the time I get that they not only look beautiful or fit the character but also feel good with me. So that you can slip into your characters and do your job perfectly.

I do not differentiate between red carpet Celebrity Makeup and a person who for the first time e.g. is made up for an interview. I always do my best and a facial massage for great skin is always a priority. Everyone is beautiful, everyone is special in their own way and everyone I meet can inspire me.

You are self-driven, successful and an inspiration to women worldwide. Where does your strength come from?

I myself strongly believe that beauty and strength come from within. For me personally, charisma is an important factor. Therefore enough sleep, drinking plenty of water and doing something good for yourself every now and then. And be true to yourself, take everything around you as inspiration, but don’t try to squeeze yourself into these ideas.

As a hobby I am a competitive bodybuilder in the figure class.This encourages me to do my best physically and mentally and to learn more about myself and my limits.When training I have a great balance to the job and I learn every training session that I am stronger than I thought and stronger than last week.

What or who inspires you and drives you to continue to be successful?

Everything, everything inspires me. My environment, everything I see. It can be a structure on the street, a person, a story, work by other creative people or music. I try to be open and learn from everything I experience.

I think the most important thing is never to stop, to want to learn and never stop to go around the world with open eyes and an open heart.

I believe everything you give somehow comes back sometime. What you broadcast has effects and can change a lot.

What have been some of your most memorable projects and why are they most memorable to you?

Oh, there are so many wonderful and moving stories that have accumulated over the years. Three years ago, for example, I was allowed to travel around the world for the movie “Baghad in my Shadows” (Iraq, Germany, Switzerland and London) and work with a great crew and wonderful actors to create a story that has now moved a lot of people worldwide. Last year we made a film in New York City with a llama in Times Square. On an advertising job in Scotland, I was doing makeup in a beautiful glass house while dolphins were swimming past us. But I have enthusiasm for all my projects and actually the project that you are working on right now is always the best.

What kind of makeup trends do you intend to create for 2020?

The past few years have been very much characterized by natural looks in natural colors in fashions weeks and in the magazines.

2020 for me will definitely be a colorful year with more courage, with more colors.

The current Corona Virus moves everyone very much and so the makeup we wear outdoors on the streets, is not the priority at the moment.
But maybe we can use the time and get creative and brave at home, try out makeup as a way to express our feelings.

What advice would you give to other women about bringing joy and success to their lives and to the lives of others?

We reach so many, create when we want and work hard with a lot of passion. We must first believe in ourselves and help other women to see how beautiful and strong they are all. If you want to get really good at something, you have to stick to it, work on it, think outside the box and never give up.

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