The expression: ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ also seems to apply to horses. Food, is one of the keys in the bonding process in the human-horse relationship. Food-rewarded training has a positive impact on a horses’ relationship with people. Humans also naturally respect horses because they can relate to them. Horses like humans share a similar family structure, can communicate emotions and feel empathy, learn to trust, show stress, thrive in open spaces, require social relationships to be healthy and learn by observation.

Astoundingly coming together in a trusting partnership, two species from completely differing orientations to the world – one prey, the other predator. Both communicating in a language that is not one wholly human nor wholly equine. It is an infused communication composition that is reliant on touch, emotional connection and a recognition of physical movements.

Horse Bridal by Solo Equine. Blue silk and organza dress by PT Toronto. Boots Aldo. Eye crystals Swarovski. Makeup and hair by Ashly Beggs