BAHM Music Industry Spotlight

From model to indie music, Seanrei never ceases to amaze us with her work. BAHM Magazine recently sat down for a chat with Seanrei and to talk about her modeling successes and the release of her new indie single and music video, Falling.

  1. Two years ago, a friend introduced us to you, Seanrei. At that time you were seeking more info on becoming a model. So, we organized a quick test shoot and found out you were an absolute natural in front of the camera. To what do you attribute your quick rise in the modeling industry?

The wonderful opportunities I’ve received over the past couple years would not have fallen into place if it wasn’t for BHAM Magazine and their fantastic team. I am so grateful to both Helena Lines and Brent Matsalla for introducing me to the industry and providing me with the tools to succeed. Helena, having been a model herself, personally taught me everything I know about being in front of the camera.

  • What are some of your biggest successes in the model industry? (Where have you modeled, what magazines have you been in, what ads have you done, agencies, etc.)

I was given the opportunity to travel all through France and Italy with my agency where I gained lots of experience and long lasting memories. Recently I was featured on the Vogue Italia website nine times, thanks to photographer Helena Lines. Modelling is one of several forms of creative expression that I have so much fun with.

  • Modeling and singing/performing original music. Will we see you on the tube or big screen someday too?

I’m not sure about ‘the big screen’ quite yet, but a girl can dream! Music has always been a major part of my life that I have kept to myself for long enough. Over the past five years I have been picking up my guitar and notebook every time I go through a significant life experience. Music is truly a universal language of emotion, and being able to use it as a creative outlet is such a blessing. It also makes me feel very vulnerable. Expressing my story through song is like sharing a piece of my soul, and I can only hope someone else listen’s and resonates in their own way. That is such a pure form of connection.

  • Tell us a little about your music. What instruments do you play? How long have you played the instrument/s? How long have you been singing and writing your own songs?

I have been singing and writing songs my whole life. All I did as a child was make up songs on the spot, my step sister says it was a little annoying at times. I am self taught on guitar and piano, I know enough to convert songs from my head into reality and perform here and there. Definitely on my list of skills to improve. I am lucky to work with a friend of mine, Adam Townsend, who is fantastic at transforming and elevating any song. It’s great to work with someone who understands what energy you want to convey through music and collaborates to give you just that.

  • What is the story behind your new single, Falling

‘Falling’ is about finding happiness and purpose within yourself instead of another person. As wonderful as falling in love can be, falling in love with your own potential and relationship with this earth is everlasting. The reality is that nobody in your life is guaranteed to be there forever, except for yourself.  I think most people can relate to getting lost in the highs of another person, and it can feel like you need them to feel true happiness. At a low point in my life I became dedicated to finding the same level of happiness all by myself. When I was able to achieve that, it changed my whole perspective on how we can experience this life. I hope anyone who listens to this song  can feel inspired embrace their relationship with themselves and remember that worthiness is not achieved through another person.

  • Who was on your video team for the Falling music video?

I was so incredibly blessed to have such a talented and dedicated team for this music video.
Directed and Produced by Helena Lines, Director of Photography and Editor Kazii Farhad, Underwater Videographer Eiko Jones, Music Recorded and Mixed by Adam Townsend, Makeup and Hair by Heather Nightengale, Male model Erik Perrins.
Helena and everyone completely understood the meaning behind this song, and did everything they could to display that in the video. I had such a wonderful time working with all these remarkably talented individuals. They all came together to create a lifelong dream of mine, and I am forever grateful they did.

  • Where can people find your music?

My upcoming album and my single are both called ‘Falling’, by searching my name ‘Sean-Rei’ you should find my music on most music streaming platforms. Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more.

  • How do people follow you online?

You can follow me online. Instagram accounts: Music @seanreimusic – Modeling @seanrei_official@seanreirei Youtube: Sean-Rei Tiktok: @seanrei99

Interview Still Photographer: @brentmatsalla