Alexis Taylor Middleton – West Coast Woman Power

In our modern times it can sometimes be easy to feel a bit lost and it can be easy to lose hope. BAHM Magazine reached out to Alexis Taylor Middleton, the founder of West Coast Woman Power to talk about empowerment and hope.

BAHM: Alexis, tell us a little about your background and how that benefits you today.

Alexis: A Carleton University graduate in journalism and government, I learned early ones’ voice can change a nation. Using the 9 years in traditional Mayan and Cherokee teachings, is my desire to empower one individuals’ voice at a time.

BAHM: What is West Coast Woman Power?

Alexis: WestCoastWomanPower embraces inner stories and wisdoms of each of us along with ancient Cherokee and Mayan teachings to empower one to speak and live in their truth fearlessly and mindfully. The primary objective of WestCoastWomanPower is to offer people the ability to assess and evaluate the parameters by which they are currently living in, discover whether it is working for them or not, and tailor those parameters so they may become the best of themselves ~ rewriting their story.

BAHM: What does hope mean to you?

Alexis: Hope means I feel each moment, each day I may share my journey with others with the opportunity to inspire another. My daughter, Aleeya, who models, inspires me every day to be my best self. She has endured life circumstances and always finds the best in every day to strive for goodness in all things and people. Aleeya taught me hopefulness and strength by being completely her own person with her own voice.

BAHM: How can we all have hope?

Alexis: Hope lives deep within each of us to pursue the best life has in store for us, and to remember we are worthy of our journey and our voice, no matter the circumstances.

BAHM: What does empowerment mean to you?

Alexis: Empowerment embraces the responsibility of each of us to honour the voice and stories of ourselves and others. I see in the modelling industry how young men and women are much surer of themselves when they feel they have a support system in place. You can see in their eyes in photos and in the runway how they own their voice.

BAHM: How can we all feel a bit more empowered?

Alexis: Empowerment comes from the knowing we all have a right to our journey and honour our life story. We all have a right to experience this life and express how we feel surrounding ourselves with people who honour our dreams, and aspirations and allow the space to freely speak is everything. Especially young people emerging in the fashion world where work and travel requires one to rely on their independence and ability to have a voice-they must feel strong, resilient and empowered to meet the demands of their profession.

BAHM: Tell us a bit about your Empowerment Podcast and where can we find it?

Alexis: These podcasts are all raw unfiltered stories of both myself and people whose experiences helped shape and transform my life. Ancient wisdom from Cherokee and Mayan teachings will be shared throughout the stories to give people the opportunity to heal and grow from aspects of what they hear which resonate with them. It is through stories our soul awakens with learning with shared wisdom.”                            The Empowerment Podcasts are available to listen to via Google search engine, on our website.

BAHM: What are your one-on-one empowerment coaching sessions and empowerment workshops about?

Alexis: Individual, one-on-one empowerment coaching and group workshops are designed to uncover and re-discover one’s storyline and access where it no longer serves the individual, both in their physical body and thought process. Through discussion, ancient teachings and awareness, a mindfulness and personal empowerment evolve to replace what held one back to grow and heal.

BAHM: I’m positive there are a lot of our readers out there that would like more information from you. How do people find you?


Photography: @brentmatsalla