The Powerful and Inspirational Beauty of Kia Brazil.

What is it that makes a woman beautiful? Courage, strength in her faith, grace and a love that knows no boundaries.

Kia Brazil is an amputee model who champions for hope and pride in individuals who are striving to accept and love their bodies no matter what the rest of the world says.

BAHM: Prior to your illness, what was your life like?

KIA: Prior to my illness, everyday life for me was strictly surrounded my two children and working a standard 9-5 as a property manager. On my free time, I led a dance team in Wisconsin by the name of Final Fantasy. A group of 10-15 young lady dancers.

BAHM: When did you realize your health was in trouble?

KIA: There was absolutely no warning of illness prior to sepsis taking place. Everything happened so fast it was all in the matter of hours not exceeding a full 24.

BAHM: What was your medical journey like? Tell us what you went through.

KIA: Once facing sepsis in February 2019, my medical journey became just that, a journey. Waking up from a 14 day medically induced coma 3 heart attacks and complete organ failure, I woke up immediately needing my legs amputated and all 10 of my fingers. It was days of constant pain, constant uncertainty of not knowing if I would survive, many different antibiotics to clean my blood.  A total of 28 surgeries, suffering from opioid addiction, PSTD, as well as a full hysterectomy.

BAHM: What or who inspired you to keep going and not just give up?  

KIA: To be completely honest I will forever and always give the highest praises to God because I believe deeply he carried me gracefully through situation that could’ve ended my entire earthy presences. God and the thought of my children being without me is what inspired me to keep pushing through.

BAHM: When did you decide you wanted to be a model? (pre or post sepsis)  What inspired you to take the challenge to model (or continue to model) as an amputee? What challenges do you face as an amputee model?

KIA: Modeling never ever crossed my mind to be honest I was content being a full time mom and a 9-5 employee. Through it all I’ve always thought extremely high of myself. My looks as well as my spirit which is mostly important to me.  Since my illness I felt that I developed an extremely unique look. Of course some would be completely freaked out and some would just be curious to know what happened. After being out in the public with my amputations I received some of the worst stares. Looks of fear and confusion. One day I decided if people where going to stare why not just show the world exactly how comfortable you are, and most importantly my goal was to make people comfortable with seeing what was not so normal.  I thought to myself geesh if I’m an adult and I can handle the stares and weird comments.. Could a child face this daily? Having two children my biggest fear was them both being terrified of me or not knowing how to express themselves around me.  Working with my children and adapting to my visible change it made me relieves it couldn’t only be us going through this change and I know most people don’t know how to deal with these type of changes.  What was a way I can share my experience with the world and lift the spirits of any person or child that feels embarrassed and not comfortable in the body they have. MODEL. I can show off my stumps that’ll grab the public’s attention and they will want to know how a perfectly healthy 27 year old mom lost her limbs.  I will only say the challenges I face is pretty much the world is so used to only seeing the PERFECT image instead of the perfect person.  Unfortunately, we live in a world that is more suitable for an animal verses a disabled individual and I deeply feel it is because so many are not confident enough to show their body to the world, but I am and I want to make it a normal thing. I will make it normal.

BAHM: What modeling agency did you sign with? When did you get contacted by the modeling agency? Tell us a bit about the agency. 

KIA: I am currently signed with Zebedee Modeling agency based in the UK. I was contacted through, my Instagram profile, it was just 6 month after my illness took place. Zebedee is an agency that supports and promotes disabled models of all walks of life.

BAHM: Tell us about your book, Surviving Sepsis, and where can readers find a copy? 

KIA: Surviving Sepsis was definitely one for the books. This was just a story I feel can help so many people over the world, a true story of trauma, faith and power. I strongly encourage everyone to get a copy. Copies will be available for purchase May 21st, 2021. Available on Amazon Kindle as well as my website,

BAHM: What has life been like for you recently?

KIA: For me lately life has been great. It’s like I feel as if everything I went through was for a better reason. And when I saw better I mean that. All along I thought I was living life but it wasn’t until going through this situation did I actually figure out what God called me here to be.

BAHM: What are your future goals?

KIA: My future goals consist of building the disabled community, normalizing change and difference with the human body. I plan to make the world a better and much nicer place for disabled individuals, both children and adults. I pray to build courage faith and strength in any ill individual. I just really want to be prideful in my body and build hope where it may be lost.

BAHM: What advice would you give to anyone with disabilities, who would like to be a model?

KIA: Any individual looking to model but there are certain features of your body you’re scared to show. DO IT!!! In a world where you may be judged regardless of what you do… who you are… what you wear… one leg, two legs or three, so what, let them talk, and continue to be comfortable as you are.

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