In 2020, the entire course of human existence changed due to the covid pandemic. Governments across the world enacted laws that locked down free citizens everywhere.

Their initial “two weeks to flatten the curve” has now turned into two years, but many governments have not moved to returning the rights and freedoms to their citizens.

Governments such as Trudeau’s Liberals in Canada, imposed vaccine mandates on their populations and even targeted certain occupations with mandates that not only violated civil rights but also their personal medical rights. By inserting their beliefs and Liberal thinking into the mainstream media they have divided their populations with an upper hand. After having our rights and freedoms stripped away in the name of democracy, these same governments now take aim on our free speech.

The tipping point was the trucker’s vaccine mandate that sparked the “Freedom Convoy” of truckers to occupy Ottawa. The Freedom Convoy sparked freedom protests across the globe in many countries with truckers and farmers join together in convoys for our freedom. These same mandates are still in play in many areas as the governments continue to violate the rights of their citizens. In order to keep their heavy-handed power, some political parties have joined in coalitions to create an illiberal faux democracy.

With the rise of government power, citizens are rising to protest more and in bigger numbers instead of sitting back and doing nothing. These growing protests have spawned many new heroes in the fight for our freedoms that we once had.

Igniting the call of freedom in the hearts of people worldwide and inspiring Convoys around the globe, Canadian truckers exposed the dirty underbelly of government leaders and the over-reach of these privileged elite. Government leaders with a false sense of self entitlement, whom refused to meet with the Truckers to negotiate, instead, invoked the Emergency Act to unleash violence against peaceful protestors, setting in motion criticism from international world leaders.