Her work is seen in Vogue and other fashion and beauty magazines worldwide. This is a candid conversation with makeup artist Ashly Beggs about her journey to becoming a sought after makeup artist in the fashion, beauty, photography, video and wedding industries.

When it comes to the world of fashion, designing a makeup look is a little different from the wedding beauty world. Too much highlight and simmer, or even just used in the wrong placement can destroy an image. Studio lighting in professional editorial work is very different from outdoor shots. Being able to create a look that is possible to easily be changed for quick turn over is essential.
Communication with creative director, wardrobe stylist and hair is so important when designing a makeup application. Everyone needs to be on the top of their game and in sync to have a smooth running team.

There have been times when the creative director didn’t love the direction I was going, it was communicated and we changed it up. That happens sometimes and as professionals, we have to roll with the punches and take nothing to heart. Every single shoot whether it be editorial, fashion or even natural looks, can be a learning experience in some way or another.

When I was a child and a teenager I was a artist, a painter who had won awards through highschool. I knew I always wanted to have a career in creating and expressing myself through art.

When I was 20 yrs old I had no idea what direction I wanted to go in. I watched some behind the scenes video footage of Lord of the Rings, the makeup team for the prosthetics amazed me. I called John Casablanca Institute in Vancouver to inquire about the art program, and I was accepted over the phone after a 2 hour conversation.

I packaged my bags and moved to Surrey, BC. It was a bus ride and train ride everyday with my 100 lb. makeup kit. After graduating in 2013, I took a year off, as I was entering into being a new mom. I moved back to Vancouver Island and in 2014 I set off into my career being a wedding MUA. Now in 2023, I have won various awards for my makeup artistry and considered to be Vancouver Islands wedding beauty specialist.

The desire to create and continue to grow never goes away. I truly believe when you are meant to do something and passionate about it, the growth never stops.

To me beauty makeup is about helping women feel like their best self. Seeing that transformation, of not looks, but rather confidence, is what gives me joy. I have frequent returning clients for the reason that I believe when you’re building your name you’re also creating lasting relationships. Truly caring about your client, they will in turn feel that they are not a pay-day but a friend who’s valued.

When deciding to specialize in beauty and being a huge member of the wedding industry, I did not know what I was stepping into. Along my journey I have learned some valuable lessons, that is a big part of the job. You’re not just arriving and doing makeup. The makeup artist sets the vibe, the tone, and energy of the room. If I am stressed so is the client. I am the one who calms the bride and even at times, has to give a pep talk to turn scared into excited.

You are arriving with a makeup kit, but also lighting, chairs, wardrobe tape, extention cord, bandaids, gum, scissors, eye drops, straws and more! Because I do this every weekend and a bride normally has never been married before, it’s my duty to make sure she’s completely covered for anything.

Ashly can be contacted on Instagram at @beauty.by.beggs