Creator and owner of Noble Common Co, Kevin Dieleman’s talents have taken him worldwide leaving a wake of trends behind him.

BAHM: Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Kevin: My name is Kevin Dieleman, owner of Noble Common Hair Co in Nanaimo, nestled in a beautiful character home at 711 Wentworth, been a stylist for 26 years beginning in 1998 at a local salon.
I’m educated with an American Product Company called KMS California for 9 years; taking me through the UK, Spain & many parts of the US. Then with Davines for the last 12 years, on their artistic North American Team – teaching different collections & attending shows in Italy, Iceland & Canada.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with them and after Covid hit I decided to go in a different direction and become a salon owner.

BAHM: What made you chose your profession and how old were you when you made your career decision?
Kevin: I always had an interest in fashion, but unfortunately never took art in school – so I didn’t have a background in that nor the qualifications. Met someone who was the director of the Art program at George Brown University, had great conversations on the subject; one leading into their suggestions I go into hair – which would serve as a gateway into that world.

BAHM: Where did you get your passion from?
Kevin: The people whom I surround myself with -what are the youth of today doing – what trends are back, what is hot & what new trends are taking off. Having young staff members whom I can mentor & also learn from. There are 4 key countries that influence the world: UK, Europe, Japan & N. America.

BAHM: What have been your biggest hurdles?
Kevin: Biggest hurdle that I find is– am I good enough? Pushing myself to practice more and be more, making sure I am at the top of my game. I find myself often looking outwards to see what is out there and what can I add to my salon to be the best. Being from a small city, looking to major influential cities such as NY and Japan to bring a taste of the world into our little slice of Vancouver Island.

BAHM: What are your greatest moments or achievements?
Kevin: My greatest moments & achievements are still to come. However, I’ve been super lucky and have been a finalist many times for the Canadian Hair dressing awards& others. I’ve won the BC Salon Team of the year alongside Damian Johnston in 2005 & a few years later with Edwin Johnston. Opening this salon is a huge moment to celebrate but there’s still more.

BAHM: What’s the favorite thing about your profession?
Kevin: That it never stops & is always growing and evolving.

BAHM: Where do you see your industry going in the next few years?
Kevin: We are in for a huge change, much like many relatable industries the world is ever in motion and things are not as foreseeable as they once were. Trends come & go weekly; inspiration is all around us and at our very finger tips with social media minute by minute. It is definitely exciting, and I can’t wait to be along for the ride & to guide Noble Common Hair Co in the right direction.

BAHM: Who are your mentors?
Kevin: Two of my key mentors are Sharon Blain – the goddess of fashion, photo shoots & industry accolades. As well Eugene Soulemain, when he said “I didn’t love my reality so I created my own. And I dreamt a lot**” I was beyond inspired.

BAHM: What advice would you give to someone starting out in your industry?
Kevin: This is where you belong. Wake up and be the best version of yourself daily; use that creative mind & spirit to be curious and look for inspiration in everything around you. This is the first step leading to a lifetime of your art to be seen by the world how you choose.

For more information about Kevin:
Kevin Dieleman,
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