Sherri is a hair stylist whose work is seen on many models in major fashion and beauty magazines worldwide. Her skills are highly sought after by fashion designers, photographers and clients from all walks of life. While possessing supernatural skills, Sherri is still humble and shares her sparkle with each individual she works with.

BAHM: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

SHERRI: My name is Sherri White and I have been doing hair for 23 years . I live in Nanaimo B.C. I have spent many years in a salon but I now love doing hair for photo shoots, fashion shows, hair events and always family and friends. You can follow me on Instagram @sherri_white_

BAHM: What made you chose your profession and how old were you when you made your career decision? Where did you get your passion from?

SHERRI: Since I was young, I have always been interested in fashion, hair ,and make up. Fashion magazines were on my walls as a teen. I completed hair dressing when I was 24 but I was already bleaching mine out long before I knew about toners lol.

BAHM: What have been your biggest hurdles?

SHERRI: Confidence is huge in hairdressing, I remember struggling with this every time I was trying a new skill. Knowledge , repetition and always learning from my mistakes

BAHM: What are your greatest moments or achievements?

SHERRI: I used to work at a salon for kids in a mall. Our team cut soo many kids hair, they were always happy because we added stuff like color, beads and feathers, they loved it. I could not go anywhere in town without a kid saying, “Isn’t that the lady that cuts my hair “? Also, doing hair for House of Aylelum fashion shows and my work shown in magazines are great accomplishments for me.

BAHM: What’s the favorite thing about your profession?

SHERRI: My favorite thing about this profession is that it is constantly changing, inspiring and has great energy.

BAHM: Where do you see your industry going in the next few years?

SHERRI: The hair industry is huge right now, like never before. Anything goes, mullets look good ,and there are no limits to your creativity.

BAHM: What motivates you and inspires you to keep going?

SHERRI: Other hairstylist inspire me, I follow soo many on Instagram, so much talent out there. I see a great color combo and I’m like “ I have to do that on someone “!

BAHM: Who are your mentors?

SHERRI: When I first started the industry, I dove in the salon scene. My boss at the time owned 4 salons and I worked at all of them. My mentors were always the senior stylists that took the time to share with me their knowledge so I can learn new techniques and skills.

BAHM: What advice would you give to someone starting out in your industry?

SHERRI: The first time I was asked to do hair for a fashion show I was scared. I had never done one before. I almost said no. My advice for someone going in the industry is to take on these opportunities that are presented to you, even if it’s just for the experience.

Have fun with it. You deserve it.