One of our best perfume pick for summer is Bed of Roses made by Maison Sybarite. @maison.sybarite

Founded in 2019, the perfume brand produces the first water-based fine fragrances created in France by master perfumers Antoine Lie and Laure Santantoni.

We love that the fragrances are water based, no ethyl alcohol, chemical solvents, parabens phthalates, silicones. The fragrances are cruelty free, vegan-friendly using sustainable ingredients and produced using ethical methods. The ingredients are the safest products available for even the most sensitive people. These gorgeous fragrances are pure, clean beauty. Even the environment was considered with the packaging.

Bed of Roses is a seductive scent that is emotive on a higher frequency leading the wearer to reconnect with the beauty of the nature of natural. Carried on a gentle wave of pureness the Eau de Parfum favors us with a warm spice, ever so delicately laced with a sweet powdery iris, finding it’s soul in the rose.

We love it so much, we simply can not stop indulging in it’s beautiful wake.