In a world where challenges can easily become roadblocks, there are individuals like Igleidson Fábio who defy the odds and inspire us with their determination. Born in Luanda, Angola, on February 9, 1988, Fábio’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. From battling visual impairments to overcoming societal limitations, he has emerged as a trailblazer in the art of perfumery.

As a child, Fábio faced numerous obstacles due to his hyperopia, which affected his ability to see clearly. This condition forced him to sit apart from his classmates in the classroom, subjecting him to discrimination and hindering his learning process. However, his mother, Maria Alice, always stood by his side, encouraging him to excel academically.

One fateful day, Maria Alice reminded Fábio of Solomon’s prayer, urging him to ask God for wisdom. Inspired by his mother’s words, Fábio began to seek wisdom in his prayers and embarked on a journey of self-education. The results were astounding, igniting a desire within him to break free from the limitations imposed by life.

But the path to fulfilling his dreams was not easy. Fábio had to pause his academic journey in his second year of college and find alternative means to support himself. Undeterred, he became a street vendor, showcasing his innate sales abilities. It was during this time that he discovered his true potential as a salesman in a cosmetics store – the beginning of his transformation into the UNRELEASED MAN.

Intrigued by a customer’s inquiry about fragrances, Fábio delved deeper into the world of perfumery. His quest for knowledge led him to realize that Africa, particularly Angola, lacked recognized institutions for perfumery education. Determined to change this, Fábio sought online training opportunities but faced financial limitations and the challenges of international transactions.

Undeterred, Fábio continued his pursuit, eventually discovering the French school CINQUIEME SENSE and the Brazilian school PARALELA, both offering reputable perfumery training. Despite facing skepticism from many about an Angolan reaching the pinnacle of perfumery, Fábio pressed on, supported by the unwavering belief of his wife Cláudia Felisberto and his mother Maria Alice.

Driven by his vision, Fábio embarked on a low-cost project, creating sustainability for young Angolans to develop didactic content on perfumery. This project gave birth to PERFUMISTA and its prestigious event, the PERFUMISTA AWARDS. Fábio’s mission was to elevate the art of perfumery, recognizing its creators and services that were previously undervalued in the industry.

Though met with skepticism, Fábio devised a plan to showcase the benefits of participating in the PERFUMISTA PROJECT. Through bilingual communication and highlighting the universality of perfumery, he aimed to bridge the gap and create a platform where talent could shine, irrespective of social capital or prestige.

Today, PERFUMISTA boasts a talented team of young individuals who fearlessly tackle challenges within the art of perfumery. With Cláudia Felisberto as the Executive Director and coordinator, alongside team members such as IT technician Antônio, publicity and advertising specialist Emanuela, and collaborator Edson, PERFUMISTA is breaking boundaries and paving the way for African representation on the global stage.

As Angola expresses gratitude to the participants of PERFUMISTA AWARDS 2023, we celebrate the indomitable spirit and creativity of Igleidson Fábio. His journey reminds us that with resilience, passion, and an unwavering belief in one’s dreams, we can break free from the constraints of society and redefine the realms of possibility.

PERFUMISTA today is made up of a technical team of young people who were not limited or intimidated by the challenges presented to them to overcome within the art of perfumery from Africa to the world.

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Cláudia Felisberto – Executive Director and Coordinator of the PERFUMISTA PROJECT Antônio – IT Technician Digital Strategist
Emanuela – Publicity and Advertising Edson – Collaborator Igleidson Fábio is the brain behind all of PERFUMISTA’s work @ _perfumista