Our favorite Fall Perfume Pick is the fabulous 720 made by Maison Sybarite in France by Master Perfumers Antoine Lie and Laure Santantoni. The first to create water based fragrances, Maison Sybarite’s fine perfumes are free of ethyl alcohol, chemical solvent, texturing agents. We love that the perfumers care to produce sustainable, vegan friendly and cruelty free perfumes that are good for our body, soul and good for nature.

Your sensual 720 journey begins like a first kiss. A gentle spray that feels like breath upon your neck. A gentle caress that naturally meets your arched neck. Your eyes close, your heart beats faster as senses are aroused by the wake of exotic spices and stirring earthiness. A sigh escapes your lips as you and 720 perfume become one.

You will never forget the essence of this first kiss.