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Grape Pearls


…okay, let me spill the tea — I dabbled in THoO awhile back, initially smelling Blessing Silence, but it was not quite a blessing nor very silent. This initial experience left me with the wrong impression, and I inaccurately assumed the THoO was no more than a house of cards. Somewhat shallow with beautiful and elaborately crafted bottles, that were more focused on the outlandish aesthetics, rather than a translatable olfactory experience — I was wrong!

I’m so happy I circled back, and have since fell in love with many of their scents, one being Grape Pearls! THoO is the complete opposite of shallow, rather it’s a full on brick and mortar with a substantial foundation.

Grape Pearls is so hard to describe, as it’s really one of those scents that are better experienced than explained. I will keep it brief and just encourage you to steal a sniff. The scent opens juicy, giving you all the gourmand feels with a burst of blueberry complimented by floral accords. The floral accords really help to amplify the blueberry, rather than present as its equal. The heart of this fragrance introduces the grape accord, which is complimented by rose and coffee. The florals really brighten the blueberry and grape, while the coffee adds a gentle grit & spice. The base is grounded by vanilla, white musk and amber, really adding a sweet yet cozy presentation to the overall experience. I’ve read that many feel this smells like Montale’s Intense Cafe, but I have to disagree. I do understand the reference, but this is all about the grape and blueberry, with hints of coffee. IC is more coffee, complimented with rose, and no where near the juiciness of Grape Pearls.

Have you tried Grape Pearls?

Available at @laparfumerieusa in Raleigh, NC

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Jonathan DeFoto with Eau De Scent Fragrances

Our favorite for this summer is Les Soeurs De Noe’s Oud Rose.

A seductive fragrance that invites us to the convergence of two shores in a wave of sensuality that melts into the mysterious wake of oud under the spell of patchouli.

This may well be our forever fragrance.